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Готический портал Киева » Метал » Death metal » Slamming & Techno Brutal Death Metal (ну... зверство короче...))))
Slamming & Techno Brutal Death Metal
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В общем, чтобы морально не захламлять этот, поросший Children of Bodom'om и Kataklysm'om раздел, буду тыцять сюда классные (на мой взгляд и вкус) группы...)))

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USA, slamming brutal death metal

At the beginning of the summer of 2003 guitarist Jon Halcomb and vocalist Brian Forgue (both ex. Mulch) were talking about doing a side project. Soon after the idea, they saw drummer Zach Gibson perform for the band Cutrate. They started jamming and soon added bassist Kevin Carron (ex. Mulch), Gutrot was created. At the end of August the band had written and recorded the Gutrot 2003 demo when due to financial problems Gutrot was halted. During the break the demo was heavily circulated with about 1,200 demos made. Mulch and Cutrate disbanded and Zach was invited to join Mutilated in this time.

Then came late fall of 2003 when Gutrot was able to reform. Chris Rudess (Desensitized, Solstice) joined the band as the second guitar player in December 2003. Amputated Vein had shown intrest in releasing Gutrot on their next split CD with the Massachussettes based band "Dysentery". the split would be called 'Excruciatingly Euphoric Torment.' Weeks before recording, Chris stepped down from the 2nd guitar player spot and along came Kevin Frasard on 2nd guitar. This split CD was released in October 18th of 2004. Logo shirts were also soon printed as well. Not long after the split was released, Zach joined the Metal Blade band 'The Black Dahlia Murder'. So the plan was to jam on Zachs offtime from touring, unfortunately there was not much off-time.

The hiatus lasted about a year and a half. In this time, Kevin and Brian persued Mutilated with the original drummer. Zach quit 'BDM' early 2006 and gutrot started back up again in June. Russ Crossman (Mutilated, Incalculatable Terror) joined on 2nd guitar. Gutrot is currently writing new material for a full length album.



Brian Forgue- Vocals (Mutilated (US), Syphilic, Mulch (US), Vomitous (Swe))
Qyet Kevin Carron - Bass, guitar (Mutilated (US), Dislimb, Mulch (US))
Zach Gibson - Drums (ex-The Black Dahlia Murder, Mutilated (US), Abigail Williams)
Russ Crossman - Guitar (Mutilated (US))

Demo, 2003
Excruciatingly Euphoric Torment [Split] 2004 (vs. Dysentery)

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Artery Eruption
USA, slamming brutal death metal



Ian Mohler - Vocals
Grant Mohler - Bass, Vocals
Brian Mohler - Guitar, Vocals
Jon Engman - Drums (ex-Brodequin, ex-Liturgy, Foetopsy)

In Our Human Meat Locker Demo, 2000
Reduced To a Limbless Sexslave Full-length, 2003
Artery Eruption/Mangled Atrocity Split, 2004
Spewage Best of/Compilation, 2004
Gouging out Eyes of Mutilated Infants Full-length, 2005

Добавлено (29.04.2008, 21:07)
Germany, techno brutal death metal (Disgorge (Usa) style biggrin )

Located in the north of Germany, Leer/East Frisia based brutal Death-band DESPONDENCY was founded in the spring of 1999 by Dirk Janssen (drums) and Steffen Ilm (guitar). Approximately two months later vocalist Konstantin Lühring, Heiko Lewin (guitar) and Patrick Schwarz (bass) completed the young band. After some little quarrels in the line-up Heiko is nowadays playing bass, and Mike who joined the band in early 2002 is responsible for the second guitar.

The music of DESPONDENCY can be described as strongly influenced by the brutal US-Death Metal style whilst the band tries to mix the inspirations of single bands in order to create an own unique sound - the DESPONDENCY style! Nevertheless, as we take it, comparisons with other bands of this genre cannot be avoided. DESPONDENCY only plays the music they like and would listen to personally - brutal, fast, right-in-your-face Death Metal!

Lyricwise, the band deals with the hopeless existence of the vermin called humans on planet earth. Thus the lyrical themes cover anything from aggressive, hate filled descriptions of absurd modern reality to spotlights on hidden instincts of the human mind resulting in unimaginable brutality and even to a few surrealistic hints at the hypocrisy and falsehood of religious syndicates, all summarized to a reflection on the total worthlessness of humanity.

DESPONDENCY's debut MCD “Extinction” (500 copies/sold out), including six songs / 20 minutes of fast brutal Death Metal, was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at the Soundlodge studio (e.g. Obscenity’s “Intense” album) within a week in February 2001 and was professionally pressed and published as a self-financed recording by the band itself. The MCD was promoted and traded worldwide and this led to an overall positive and rather enthusiastic feedback and cooperation with fans and bands from all over the globe.

The Promo CD–R “Womb of Shit”, recorded again at the Soundlodge studio, included three brand new tracks and was released in December 2002. This new offering was mainly for promotional use and should increase the good reputation DESPONDENCY had already gained in the scene as well as to interest a label to sign the band. After receiving many offers from interested labels, finally Revenge Productions from Germany won the race as they were convinced of the band’s quality immediately, and so DESPONDENCY signed to them in March 2003.

In October 2003 the first full length CD called “God on Acid” was released on Revenge Productions. Recorded once again in the Soundlodge studio, it consists of nine ultra fast and brutal US-style Death Metal tracks, clad in the most professional and heavy sound DESPONDENCY ever had. This new output marks a big step forwards for the band and is going to be one of the most relentless Death Metal albums coming from Europe so far! “God on Acid” was once more highly acclaimed by the press and, more important, the fans of brutal music, and proved again the outstanding character of the band.

Concerning live gigs, DESPONDENCY has played a good amount of shows in the years of the group's existence. For example, the band was a part of the Ear Terror Festival 2001, the Ludwigshafen Deathfest 2002 & 2003, the Fuck the Commerce VI 2003, the first NRW Deathfest 2003, the second Gothenburg Deathfest 2003, the Obscene Extreme 2004 and the Mountains of Death 2004 together many smaller gigs, and furthermore supported, together with Godless Truth, Texas/US based - Prophecy´s european Tour in 2004. The bands shared stage with include famous and well known names like Disavowed, Pyaemia, Wormed, Hate Plow, Cephalic Carnage, Suffocation and Internal Suffering among others. In October 2004 DESPONDENCY toured again 10 days throughout Europe, this time with czech slammers Godless Truth and the greek band Inveracity.

Mike Ernst - Guitar (Deformed (Ger))
Dirk JanЯen (M.Sore) (ex-Ingurgitating Oblivion, ex-Funeral Procession, Disavowed (session), Of Trees and Orchids) - Drums
Jelle Hamstra - Guitar (ex-Morblast, Dimжon, Soaking in Entrails)
Patrick Viol - bass (Wretched Spawn)
Konstantin Lьhring - Vocals (ex-Ingurgitating Oblivion, ex-Gallery of Darkness, ex-Funeral Procession, Resection)



eXTinCtion EP, 2001
Womb of Shit Demo, 2002
God On Acid Full-length, 2003
Supreme Misanthropic Brutality EP, 2007

Добавлено (29.04.2008, 21:11)
Inhuman Dissiliency
USA, slamming Guttural Brutal Massacre



Doug - Vocals
Shawn - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Drum Programming
Todd - Guitar , Backing Vocals
John - Bass

inhuman dissiliency is a three piece band from harrisburg, pennsylvania. the band was formed out of the ashes of a metal band called silenced by bass guitarist todd, and guitarist, shawn.
in late 2001, the two added three new members, a second guitar player, a drummer, and a vocalist. after a short period of time, the drummer dropped out. leaving the remaining four members to find a new drummer to fill his spot. some time had past and a drummer had finally filled in. but due to the lack of interest with the musical direction, todd had decided to leave the band. shawn would follow a few months later.
early 2002, the two decided to start over and make a brutal as fuck death metal band. they started by adding a vocalist, brian. the lineup now was brian doing main vocals, todd playing the bass and singing backing vocals, and shawn playing guitar and singing backing vocals as well. but they were still in need of a drummer. a few drummers were tried out. but in the summer of 2002, after several drummers and several different band names, the three members decided to try a drum machine until a live drummer could be filled in.
a few years have past now and the band is still decomposing brutal self-mutilating death metal. they have had the honor to play beside many great bands and have had a great response from crowds. the band is still using a drum machine. and will continue to do so until a live drummer is found and can be filled in.
early 2004, long time bass guitarist, todd has decided to part ways with the band. he has been a great asset to the band throughout the years and will be greatly missed. as of now the band is filling in a new member and will continue there evergrowing love and support for brutal death metal by decomposing the most brutal self-mutilating death metal that they can.
mid 2004, long time inhuman bassist, todd, has decided to rejoin the band. welcome back bro! we are still searching for a live drummer.

Dismembered And Decapitated Demo, 2003
Obscured In Putrescence Demo, 2004
Accumulation Of Eviscerated Remnants Split, 2006
Supreme Engorgement of Exquisite Disembowelment Split, 2007

Добавлено (29.04.2008, 21:15)

USA, brutal death metal sickness

Chad Weber - Guitar, Bass
Rob Weber - Drums, Vocals



Morbid Portrait Demo, 1996
Deceased Feast Demo, 2000
Emotionless Addiction To Butchery Demo, 2001
Vomit Forth Intestinal Excrement EP, 2002
Disembowel The Meek Demo, 2004
Illuminations of Vile Engorgment Full-length, 2005

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Готический портал Киева » Метал » Death metal » Slamming & Techno Brutal Death Metal (ну... зверство короче...))))
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